Terms & Conditions  

Cancellation And Refund Policy

  1. We strive to provide the best quality of teaching to our students but if you are not satisfied with the class or instructor, or any sudden change in plan, we offer a few options to cater to your need:
  2. You may exchange the digital voucher purchased with a different course (an equivalent value)
  3. Our digital voucher validity expires 3 months from the date of purchase. You may extend the validity of the digital voucher for additional 3 months if required.(on a case by case basis, and subject to class availability)
  4. We do not offer a full refund to the digital voucher purchased, but you may try out our free trial class before making the decision to purchase. 

Replacement & Make-Up Classes

  1. We understand that unforeseen circumstances may happen from time to time therefore we allow missed class to be replaced at other time that is convenient for both student and our instructors. 
  2. However, we do appreciate 12 hours notice prior to the class time to ensure that we make the necessary arrangement. You may send us an email directly at info@realfun.my or message us on Whatsapp +60169810613.

Discipline and Safety (Physical Class)

  1. If a student causes any damage to Realfun Centre property, Parents/Guardians will be charged based on the market value of the damaged item.
  2. Parents/guardians are solely responsible for the safety of the student before and after class. Students are welcome to arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of the class to settle-in, and should be picked up no later than 10 minutes after the class ends.
  3. It is the responsibility of Parents/Guardians to inform Realfun Centre if the student has any medical conditions that may require special attention.
  4. In the event of a serious accident that may require immediate medical attention Realfun Centre might bring your child to the nearest clinic/hospital. By enrolling in Realfun Centre you have given us consent to attend to your child’s needs and Parents/Guardians will be notified immediately.

Photograph and Film Materials

  1. Realfun Centre may capture photographs/video recordings of Students and or Parents/Guardians during class for educational, training and promotional purposes.
  2. If you do not wish for you or your child(ren) to be featured in any educational, training, promotional materials, please notify us in writing to info@realfun.my


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